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Per Axbom
As a web strategist I help you understand challenges and prioritize opportunities. As an interaction designer and UX lead I help a project team understand the solution and work towards a clear goal.

I perform research and interviews to create design solutions that reflect real needs, eliminate frustrations and contribute to successful digital services and offers.

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Please stop the useless meetings

More and more meetings are just stealing time away from getting things done. What should you do about it?

Eliminate Design – Slides for #UXLx Lightning Talk

Here are the slides for my Lightning Talk Eliminate Design at the UXLx conference in Lisbon, presented at 14:30 in Auditorium II.

Eliminate Design – a rant about the responsibility of UX professionals from […]

My agenda for #uxlx 2013

There’s a great deal of preparations that go into getting the most out of a business conference. Here’s my agenda for this week at User Experience Lisbon, complete with Twitter handles for all the speakers.

» […]

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Per Axbom has been actively blogging about web development, usability and user-centered design since 2002.
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Per Axbom has during the past year helped us develop various services to ensure that people who are subject to crime get information about their rights. Per has in this work not only been knowledgeable and creative but also deeply involved. We are very happy with his work and are recommend him greatly!
Magnus Lindgren, Secretary General, Stiftelsen Tryggare Sverige
Per Axbom has a rare, valuable combo in being able to talk to techies in tech language and at the same time capturing, understanding, translating and mediating from a communications perspective. Invaluable! In addition he is curious about everything – a cool, righteous and competent guy!
Eva Stattin, Vattenfall AB
Sincere, knowledgeable and engaging. You can always trust in Per and the times we have worked with him he has delivered above expectations.
Funda Denizhan, Manager User Experience, Valtech AB
We hired Per for a review of our web structure as well as recommendations regarding improvements in user-friendliness, navigation and clarity. Per was an extremely knowledgeable and efficient resource and delivered input of the highest quality and of highest value in our change management work.
Magnus Nylander, CEO, Vroom Stockholm AB

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Axbom's free e-book about the AceAwe experience model is currently available in Swedish (English version coming). It will help you more readily adopt a user-centered approach in everyday work.
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Templates for copywriting, social media and documentation. These free templates for you and your organization are in Swedish with English ones on their way.
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Together with James Royal-Lawson, Per Axbom hosts this international podcast about business, technology and users in digital media. A new UX Podcast is out every other Friday. Listen to the latest show or subscribe to broaden your mind about overcoming challenges in digital design.

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